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September, 2019

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Disruptive business models challenge the current ways of working, and threaten significant change.    When you develop disruptive business models, the “disruption” typically happens in two places. Firstly, the target beneficiaries need to change their working ways in order to achieve the benefits. However the major disruption comes to the traditional practitioners in the associated arena. These businesses tend to meet the change with negativity. This is through their fear that …

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Organisational Innovation: Mastering the Innovation process Innovation’s innovation – isn’t it? Certainly not. The challenges differ greatly as organisations get larger. However, breaking larger organisations down into smaller “divisions” clearly helps us to implement a successful innovation process.   Our Study for Lancashire County Council: Get Innovation A while ago, we performed a range of studies into innovation within Lancashire. Within the study we addresses a wide range of factors …

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What can Geminus do for you? Do you know exactly what Geminus can do for you? We may have found you some funding, increased your R&D tax claim for you, or help you get more from your people. But very few people see our full range of services as an Innovation Agency.  It’s been a long trek, but we’re now getting to a point where we’ve able to deliver …

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