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To help you within your application, we have developed a series of short YouTube videos which tell you most of what you may want to know, from who we are through to how to write the ideal business plan.

If you have questions which are not answered in these videos, please contact us and ask us your question directly.

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1. Innovator International

About Innovator International and our programmes
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2. StartUp+ vs Innovator

The key differences between our StartUp+ and Innovator programmes
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3. Criteria for Acceptance

The types of programmes which are eligible for support
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4. The Acceptance Process

How we assess our applications and the timeframe
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5. Your Investment (Costs)

The programme costs and payment schedule
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6. Writing a good plan

How to write the ideal plan for your application
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7. Supporting Our Clients

The support you receive on our programmes

In addition, we also regularly write blogs for our LinkedIn pages. Here are a series of links to a series of our blogs, ranging from specific Endorsement related issues through to more generic Business Support and Innovation articles.

You may need to have a LinkedIn account to access these articles. If you are unable to access any article but would like a copy, please contact us and we will forward you a PDF version of the blog(s) you require.

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Developing a Business Plan for Innovator International

Do you need guidance in developing your plan for our Innovator International or StartUp+ programmes?
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7 Steps to Success - without formal networking

How we built a blue-ocean business without following the standard “rules and procedures”
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To Innovate or Start-up? The great Visa Conundrum…

Should you apply for a Start-Up or Innovator Visa? Find out the key differences here.
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Innovation for Start Up & Innovator Visas

How do you define “Innovation” for the purpose of Start-Up and Innovator Visa applications?

Please contact us directly for any discussions relating to our position as an Innovator Visa endorsing body.

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