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Application Process

Our application process is fast and efficient, designed to identify the projects which would best benefit from our programmes in the shortest timeframe possible.

We achieve this using our proprietary “Business Maturity Matrix©”, which assesses your application against ten key criteria. This allows us to understand in depth how strong and how mature your business proposition is, what type of Visa your project is suitable for, and where it would benefit from the greatest level of support and assistance.

Innovator International is not just an endorsing body for my visa purposes, it is the company that I would have chosen even if I didn't need a visa to start my company here.

Engagement Process


    Initial applications that demonstrate the key attributes we are seeking will be invited to submit a full business plan.

  • Submit your full
    Business Plan

    We assess each plan against strict criteria. Those with appropriate levels of maturity will be offered a Proposal to join the programme.

  • Proposals and
    contracts agreed

    The Proposal will contain feedback detailing the support we believe you require and commercial terms.

  • Endorsement and
    support starts

    If required, we can issue your Visa Endorsement as soon as you are formally engaged on the programme.

Who can submit an

Anyone can submit an application, but we strongly advise that you read the criteria we seek in the chart below, prior to sending us your documents. This is because we use these criteria to assess your application and if it’s missing information we need, it may not meet our criteria for acceptance on to our programme.

It’s worth noting that while we accept direct enquiries, applications submitted through Immigration specialists tend to be significantly more successful. This is because many of these agencies have worked with us to understand who we can best help, and therefore only forward their most appropriate candidates for selection on to the programme.

Once you are commercially engaged on our programme, we are able to issue your Endorsement. The average time for us to issue an Endorsement from our first contact with you is approximately a month.

How we assess applications

We recognise that every person and every plan is individual. We assess your application against the following 10 criteria points using our Business Maturity Matrix©

We require all business plans to cover these points in sufficient detail to be able to make a comprehensive assessment of the business opportunity.


Market Assessment

Does the plan address the market maturity, geography and competitors?


Marketing Strategy

Is there a clear and achievable route to market without major risk points?


Sales Strategy

Is there a clear plan to achieve the sales required to meet the financial needs?


Skills Strategy

Does the business have the skills needed to complete their given tasks?


Resource Planning

Does the business have access to the knowledge and equipment they require?


Project Planning

Is there a project plan detailing what, how and when things happen?


Scalability Strategy

Does the plan include details regarding the significant scaling of the business?


Innovation Strategy

Does the plan demonstrate a current level of, and ambition to continue innovation?


Financial Planning

Does the plan meet all of the financial requirements of the business?


Risk Management

Does the plan assess key risks and provide a management strategy?

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What support do
I Receive?

  • A personal area to develop your profile, view other member profiles and access your key documents

  • The ability to view and connect with our wider community of International Entrepreneurs across the UK

  • Access to a wide range of guidance documents, templates and videos helping you to expand your knowledge

  • We host regular webinars on a wide range of key subjects which are all recorded for you to view at any time

  • Our marketplace is full of trusted business support providers, offering you a wide range of services at discounted prices

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