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Once you’re up and running, one of your main priorities will be working towards your Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). INSIGHTPRO has been designed to maximise your chance of success. 

Every successful applicant has access to our basic INSIGHT service which includes our own social media platform, recorded workshops and more. But, we also offer additional support including a dedicated mentor through our INSIGHTPRO membership.

INSIGHTPRO is an optional service for successful applicants. It is not a mandatory part of our service package. You can choose whether you want this or not, but those who already subscribe agree that it is well worth the low monthly fee!

Thanks for your excellent support, which gave me the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur - I’m feeling really excited to work with you and to establish a successful business in the UK.

What You Get With

Our optional INSIGHTPRO service is designed to give you the support you need when you need it, to help you grow your business and ultimately achieve your Indefinite Leave to Remain:

  • Target

    The first step is to understand what you can and want to achieve

  • Access to

    Join a community of other international entrepreneurs

  • Progress

    Continually ensuring you’re on track to meet your commercial targets

  • Additional

    Access to a wider range of courses, resources and support options

  • Personal

    Every client has a relationship manager to support your journey

Your Support

All applicants receive basic services available through INSIGHT. However, INSIGHTPRO members also receive:

Personal Profiles

A personal area to develop your profile, view other member profiles and access your key documents

Dedicated Mentor

Support from one of our experienced business professionals to help you achieve your ILR

Key Resources

Access to a wide range of guidance documents, templates and videos helping you to expand your knowledge

Regular Webinars

We host regular webinars on a wide range of key subjects which are all recorded for you to view at any time

Free Event Ticket

A free ticket to our annual event, celebrating the success of our community of entrepreneurs

Your Next Steps

If you want to join our community of international entrepreneurs, click here to send us your details

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