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Business Planning Course

At Innovator International we want you to get the most out of your good business idea. That is why we have put together a business planning course to help you showcase your idea in the best possible way.

Follow our step by step guide in this course to understand what makes a good business plan, find out what key information we are looking for  and how to showcase clearly how your plan is fit for your required Visa.

View the course details and watch the course video to get a taste of what this course can offer you.



Course Details

Course Overview

Our business Planning course is designed to help you develop your idea and plan. The course take you through a series of questions and tasks so you can maximise your chance of a successful plan and a successful business

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to write a successful business plan
  • Access valuable data for your application
  • See what we look for in business plans
  • Develop your marketing skills
  • Showcase your operational planning
Course Video

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